7 tips for holiday shopping on a budget


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Shoppers rush to purchase goods at the Eaton shopping center in Toronto, Canada.

Mercedes Hipolito

The holiday season is officially in full swing. To commemorate this time of the year, here are seven shopping tips to bring your family and friends cheer.

  1. Early Birds Get the Worm:



Procrastination brings unnecessary stress and anxiety. Proper time management to find presents is helpful in the shopping process. Scope out items and merchandise that intrigue your friends and families interest.

“Once it gets closer to holiday time everyone starts freaking out, so starting early is always a great idea when shopping,” sophomore Francine Yaffe said.

  1.   Keep your Shopping Bliss and Make a List:

Whether it’s a friend or acquaintance , making a list helps with clearing your thoughts on what to buy. A list will decrease the chance of confusion when at the store making purchases. Making your own personal brainstorm will help outline possible items to purchase.

  1. Build a Budget:

Don’t stress your bank account, set a budget. Knowing the maximum and minimum amount to spend is key to holiday purchases. Also, take heed of discounts  that may be in stores.

“Creating a budget allows everyone to receive a gift they’ll like and buyers still have money to spend for other things,” senior Leon Luna said.

  1. Keep an Eye out for Sales:

When the holiday season approaches, looking for sales is always recommended. With online resources, consumers can save time and gas.

“Stores like Ross and DD’s Discounts are great options if you’re looking for quality on a budget,” senior Kimberly Metellus said.

  1. Can’t Buy, DIY:

If on a budget, creativity is a worthy tool in making the perfect gift. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get inventive. No source is more genuine than the heart, so do not hesitate to use it.

“My best friend made me a package and I thought it was really cute, plus she knows everything about me,” Yaffe said.

  1. Get Help From Others:

When shopping, do not shy away from outside assistance. Make the experience fun and collaborative using input from loved ones. For events like Secret Santa, help from others is useful. Unique ideas bring fresh gifts and in turn, create bright smiles.

“ If I was shopping for someone I didn’t know that well, then I’d definitely enlist a close friend of theirs to help, since they know them better,” senior Treesha Bien-Aime said.

  1. Enjoy the Experience:

Remember that shopping should be a memorable and calm experience. Don’t fret too quickly if things appear in disarray. Things will work out in the end, so just have faith.