Japanese Culture Club

Galit Roffe, Staff Writer

     Krop students can explore a new culture in room 2217. The Japanese Culture Club exposes students to a brand new way of looking at Japanese Culture. The club was founded by Zajah Green and Keren Dieuvelle, seniors, who are now co-presidents of the club.

     In their freshman year, they noticed many of their friends talking about Japanese culture and they decided it would be a good idea to start a club. When they proposed the club their freshman year, they were denied.

     Green and Dieuville kept proposing the club throughout  their high school career, but Ms. Russell, the activities director, wasn’t confident on the strength of potential members. In their senior year, they persisted again, and Ms. Russell asked that they set up a table at the club fair, and if people were interested, she would open the club. There was so many people interested in the club,that Ms.Russell opened it.

     The club, which meets every first and third Monday, doesn’t only watch different Japanese anime, but they talk about the culture itself. They make powerpoints and watch videos on any upcoming Japanese Holidays, and are even planning on taking a field trip to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens to learn more about Japanese Culture. The anime itself, is not only for entertainment but they learn about the culture while watching.

     “We recently watched an anime about how the Japanese were affected in World War Two, and how it continues to affect Japanese citizens.” Dieuvelle siad.

     Although the club is solely based on Japanese culture, the founders of the club would invite everyone to join the club.

     “Even if they don’t particularly enjoy anime or Japanese Culture, we want to invite them.” Green Said.

     The founders also wanted a place where people who enjoy the culture can be with people who are similar to them.

     “Sometimes people make them feel weird or lonely” Dieuvelle said.

     They want their club to be a safe haven for people who do not feel like they belong.

     Although both presidents are Seniors, and unsure of who will be running the club in the future they hope students will always be willing to explore new things.