Letter to the Reader

David Brothers and

Dear reader, 

Like many generations of teens before us, our lives have been taken from our control by unprecedented circumstances. Freshmen, your first year to make friends and get a feel for high school was cut short. Sophomores and juniors, your ability to continue making progress has been injured severely, making it seem as if your efforts are not paying off as expected. Seniors … as one of you, the fact that this is how we will put an end to our story breaks my heart. This tragedy appears to have tied us to a chair and expected us not to escape. But we must know that, in fact, we did. Despite countless adversities, we wake up in the morning and check for any messages that teachers might have left, who are adapting as fast as they can to an unventured world that they didn’t sign up for. For a situation in which everything seems to have dismantled, we appear to have pulled ourselves together to finish what we started. On Instagram, clubs and organizations are posting daily challenges, friends are finding innovative activities to do together, and seniors are carrying out many of the senior activities through new means. Every student is living a unique experience, and we believe these experiences should be shared. That is why The Lightning Strike has decided to keep doing so. Like everyone else, however, we had to get out of our box and adapt. So from now on, we will be publishing Krop news updates, sharing the interesting experiences of students during this time, and posting opinions about how the situation is being handled on every level through our online website. We hope that we can use lightningstrikenews.comas a community forum where not only we, but everyone in our school body can have a voice. Send us your opinions, a project you or your club are working on, or just tell us how this pandemic has transformed your life and how you are adapting. To do so, just email [email protected] or [email protected] 

Otherwise, stay tuned … stories are coming soon. 


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