Logan – Movie Review

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Logan – Movie Review

Zachary Weinberger

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20th Century Fox’s latest Marvel entry, “Logan,” is not your generic superhero movie. It rejuvenates the superhero genre to new heights, being surprisingly moving, realistic and character-driven. “Logan” is not only the best film in the “X-Men” franchise, but it’s one of the best comic book movies of all time.

The film takes place in a distant future where we catch up with a weary Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) as he cares for a sickly Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) in a hideout on the Mexican border. But as Logan tries to hide from the world and his legacy, a young mutant named Laura (Dafne Keen) arrives, being pursued by dark forces.

Though it may sound like a simple premise, the film takes twists and turns along the way, making for one hell of a rollercoaster. Director James Mangold, who also directed the last Wolverine movie, doesn’t hold back when it comes to the action, creating a sense of urgency throughout the run time and also accounting for the movie’s R-rating. 

Hugh Jackman has played the character of Wolverine for 17 years, and gives his most dedicated performance yet in “Logan.” Whether in the intense dramatic scenes or a light-hearted sequence with him at a dinner table, Jackman shows the turmoil of an aging Logan, but he also shows the compassionate side when taking care of Xavier and the young mutant.

Another veteran of the X-Men franchise, Patrick Stewart also gives his best performance as Professor X. Stewart brilliantly shows how much the character has changed throughout the years, showing that Xavier is still optimistic, but his power of telepathy is fragile and needs to be put in check.

Dafne Keen who makes her acting debut as Laura, also known as “X-23,” is easily a stand-out in this film. Though quiet most of the film, Keen gives the character a lot of emotion and depth through her reactions to the various events happening around her. The audience develops an emotional connection with her as the film progresses and we learn more about her and her origins.

One of the best things about a superhero film is the villain that bring chaos and danger to the protagonist in the film. But a minor flaw about the film is Donald Pierce played by Boyd Holbrook. He is the head of security of a militant group called the “Reavers” and his main motive is to retrieve Laura. Even though Holbrook brings a solid performance, the character is not given much depth than that he has a cybernetic arm as part of this group. Mr. Pierce is more of a disposable character that could’ve been easily replaced by anyone. However, Logan and his passengers do encounter other threats along the way, which compensate and make the film more exciting.

Besides the antagonist, “Logan” is a beautifully crafted picture that puts larger-than-life characters into the real world.

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