Mindful Monday Brings Meditation to Krop


Hannah Medow, Staff Writer

Assistant Principal Mrs. I’tita Finch, Guidance counselor Ms. Melissa Falco-Diaz, and SPED Ms. Philicia Ferguson are a leadership team at Krop who attended a leadership workshop over the summer and looked at climate survey data which showed that students expressed a need for mental health initiatives. The workshop is called a school improvement plan and is through Miami-Dade schools. The leadership team went to see what new initiatives can be implemented in the school and Krop’s is mental health initiatives. 

Mrs. Finch, Ms. Falco-Diaz and Ms. Ferguson used the data from the climate survey and developed initiatives based on mental health. Research shows that there is a correlation between mental wellness and academics and  when students are in the right mental mind there is shown a positive performance. Students should take care of themselves and if not you are limiting yourself. 

The goal is to change the approach from education not just academics to educating the whole person and providing not only academic info but life skills. The hope is to change the culture of the school to be a wellness initiative. 

A student needs to take care of themselves to succeed. Mindful Monday is here for a student to take a break from academics and relieve their stress/relax. 

Mindful Monday officially started November 18. 2019. 

Mindful Monday is every other Monday. It always takes place at the south patio near ROTC. This area is visible in the school and here the area is readily available for the students. 

It takes place during lunch. It is open to students, administration, faculty and teachers. 

It consists of relaxation activities. On  November 18. and December 9. Physical education Coach Caron Schiffman and Art teacher Ms. Julie Orsini Shakher taught the class. “The initiatives escape from the stressors of ones everyday”, Ms. Falco-Diaz said. 

On January 13. 2020 a lady who is a yoga instructor in the community does mental wellness initiatives for the goodwill and other community agencies. She uses oils for relaxation. 

People invest in the community that supports the wellness that volunteer their time. The school is the nucleus of community and community should be involved.

Students can get involved with Mindful Monday by looking at the Krop Instagram which is kropshs, BAND and there are flyers posted around the school.