Netflix raises its prices

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Netflix raises its prices

Samy Alfandary, Staff Writer

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Did you think Netflix and chilling was going to be a cheap date? Well not with the new prices for a subscription. Netflix is raising prices for their most popular subscription from $9.99 to $10.99 per month. This plan provides high definition shows and movies, allows up to two screens to be playing at the same time and downloads for up to two devices.

Netflix’s 4K streaming plan, the most exclusive plan, will go from $11.99 to $13.99, a price hike of $2. This plan gives ultra high definition, allows to watch shows and movies up to 4 screens at a time, and downloads of the shows and movies for up to 4 devices.

The company says the price hike will allow them to add exclusive TV shows and movies, introduce new features and improve the overall experience to help members find shows and movies.

New Netflix members will begin paying the new prices starting October 5th. If you are already an existing member, the price increase will come October 19.

To avoid the change, customers can still subscribe with the basic plan, costing $7.99, which will not be affected by the price increase. This plan allows users to watch all shows and movies in standard definition, rather than in high definition.

However, sophomore Jamie Schwartz, a Netflix subscriber, plans to continue his subscription.

“I’m still gonna pay for it, it’s just a dollar more,” she said. “The value Netflix brings is worth the extra dollar.”

The last time Netflix raised their prices was in 2014 when the cost of the HD streaming plan was $8.99 and was raised to $9.99.