Netflix v. Hulu v. Amazon Prime: Dawn of the Streaming Service

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Netflix v. Hulu v. Amazon Prime: Dawn of the Streaming Service

Kevin Bauernfeind

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With 74 days of freedom ahead, video streaming is a good way to pass the day so it’s a perfect time to choose which service is best for you.

Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Video are the top video streaming services all with subscription options and provide a wide selection of shows and movies. Here are some factors to look into:


Let’s talk money; Hulu Plus’ basic subscription costs $7.99 Per Month. That subscription gets you get a free month trial, limited commercials and a variety of television series and films. There is a higher price subscription option of $11.99 per month for Hulu Plus if you don’t want ads.

Netflix’s basic subscription is $7.99 per month as well; however, with Netflix you get no commercials, a free month trial and more original series. Subscriptions are also available at $9.99 or $10.99 every month and come with higher quality streaming and more user accounts.

Amazon Prime Video is $10.99 per month, but they also have a year subscription which is $99 which ends up being $8.99 monthly. With the Prime Video Subscription, you get limited commercials, movies, shows and free two day shipping with Amazon.


Netflix has over 4000 movies and 2400 shows plus 125 original series like Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things. If you’re looking for original content, Netflix would be your best fit. But, Netflix does not have as many current shows as their competitors.

Hulu Plus has Netflix beat in both areas with over 6,500 movies and 3,400 shows, with over 40 original series and documentaries. They also upload current episodes a day after they air on TV for big channels like NBC, ABC and CBS. If keeping up with your favorite current shows is important to you, Hulu is your best option. However Hulu does have annoying ads on the standard subscription

If size matters to you, Prime Video has over 18,400 movies and leaves the other competitors in the dust. Prime video also has 1900 shows and 31 original series, plus the addition of free two day shipping.