10 Things on Catalina Valera



  1. Catalina Valera loves coming to Krop to work because she loves kids and has new, exciting experiences every day.
  2. Seeing as Catalina’s kids used to attend Krop, she took advantage of a job opening as a lunch lady, and has been working here for 11 years.
  3. She originally comes from Ecuador and decided to move to the United States to learn and English and gain new opportunities.
  4. Catalina moved to New York where she met her loving husband and had four kids; however, they decided to move to Miami since they did not enjoy the weather or the city life.  
  5. Every summer, Catalina visits the rest of her family in Ecuador for two months.
  6. Catalina studied in Ecuador and obtained a degree as a social worker, however, in the United States her degree was not deemed credible.
  7. Her fondest memory of Ecuador was playing outside all the time, and is ashamed that her four kids and today’s society will not be able to experience the same thing.  
  8. Considering that all her children have graduated and are grown up, Catalina hopes to travel to places such as Israel, Turkey and Russia with her husband.
  9. If Catalina could have any other job, she wouldbe working as a special needs caregiver.
  10. Catalina has four children whom she loves very much, including one special needs child who has impacted her life and fueled her love for every type of kid.