The Hole: the unofficial entrance


Tiffany Schram

Senior Terrel Parker and junior Isadora Filgueiras go through the hole at 7:15, and get to class with minutes to spare.

Tiffany Schram, Staff Writer

The unofficial, but effective entrance to school, “the hole,” will soon no longer be in use. But, to remove the hole means students will be late to class.

The hole is a widely used entrance and exit to and from school. On the morning of October 16th, more than 160 students used the hole. Everyday, more and more students are using the hole to get to class on time. The hole is one of the three access points to enter and leave school. Parents are no longer allowed drop off or pick up students in the student parking lot and are struggling to find a quick and easy option to drop of their children, while at the same time avoid being late to work.

“The line to enter the front of the school is too long now and it would affect the time my parents would get to work, and get me to arrive at school,” junior Isadora Filgueiras said. “If the hole was not there I would be tardy to school everyday.”

With ongoing construction of iPrep, there is no parent drop off in the student parking lot. Students that can afford cars and decals are able to easily arrive to school on time, while many students suffer with the limited entrances. Closing the hole would cause unnecessary traffic.

“The hole is very useful to me. My parents have a tight schedule and cannot wait in a long line just to drop me off and pick me up from school,” junior Skyler Deluise said.

Administration threatened to close the hole due to its pathway crossing the bus lane. Students need to cross the bus lane to enter or exit the hole. However, the majority of students enter and leave through the hole at the same time that busses are stopped.

“The hole is just simply a quicker and easier pick up and drop off,” sophomore Leo Saperstein said. “Losing the hole would mean students will be late.”