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Biden or Trump? A guide to the 2024 election

On Nov. 5, Americans will once again exercise their right to vote for president. The 2024 presidential elections are set to determine the country’s future for the next four years, in which voters will rest their hands on one of its contentious candidates.  

The contenders in this race consist of incumbent President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump. We shall see a repeat of the 2020 Presidential Race, with Trump once again competing against Biden, having surpassed the requirement of 1,215 delegates.

Citizens will decide who their vote goes to based on the candidate’s stance on topics such as abortion, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration, gun laws and international policy. 

Regarding abortion, Trump is pro-life, but has less restrictive proposals on the policies he would implement, with the rise of pro-choice advocacy. In a speech given on April 8, Trump stated that abortion policy should be left to the states.

Biden has taken steps to aid in abortion rights after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. According to CBS News, Biden has made abortion pills easier to obtain, and ensured members of the military can access reproductive health care.

“If Biden and his administration win again, they will try to make more legislation to counteract the overturning of Roe v. Wade,” sophomore Denzel Augustin said. “While Trump will most likely make more restrictions towards abortion or maintain it the way it is, up to the states.”

President Biden has denounced anti-LGBTQ+ laws passed by states and Congress, and passed laws in favor, including the Respect for Marriage Act in 2022, which guarantees federal rights, benefits and obligations of marriages in the federal code for same-sex couples. Biden has also endorsed the passage of the Equality Act by Congress that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Trump possesses more opposing views. During his presidency, Trump imposed numerous laws targeting transgender people, including banning military service; he also supports the ban from participating in school sports.

Trump also pushes for greater border control, reducing immigration. Trump began expanding the wall between the United States border with Mexico, and assures more immigration control amid the ongoing crisis. 

Biden has harshened his policies over time after the vast increase in illegal immigration from the border. According to PBS, Biden has embraced efforts to reach a bipartisan border security deal after years of gridlock on revamping the immigration system.

The candidates hold differing views on gun laws. Trump is against gun control, citing it as an undeniable right mentioned in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. While president, Trump supported pro-gun laws and threatened to veto bills dealing with background checks and firearm transfers. According to ABC News, Trump has signaled that he would not enact any new gun restrictions if reelected.

President Biden advocates for gun control laws, condemning the rise in gun violence, and calling for the passage of laws for its prevention. On Jan. 25, the Biden-Harris Administration announced new executive actions to help promote safe storage of firearms that implement Biden’s Executive Order intended to combat gun violence. According to the White House, the administration will continue taking action and pushing Congress to assist these efforts by passing a national safe storage law to induce liability for those who leave firearms unsecured.

The United States’ funding on international conflicts has drawn criticism from many who believe there are greater internal issues to be resolved. The Biden Administration has been providing billions in funds to Ukraine and Israel, which are involved in the Russo-Ukrainian War and the Israel-Hamas War, respectively. Biden has condemned both wars, imposing sanctions on Russia but now calling for a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, due to the growing humanitarian crisis and death toll. Trump, however, would have different plans. According to the Washington Post, he has privately said he could end Russia’s war in Ukraine by pressuring Ukraine to give up some territory. In addition, according to AP News, Trump has urged Israel to “get the war over with,” and to stop the casualties.

As the elections draw near, voters must take all factors of the candidates’ viewpoints into consideration to elect who they find most suitable for president. Current and upcoming seniors shall be eligible to vote, forming part of the overall population of American voters, who shall decide the country’s future for the remainder of the 2020s and beyond.

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