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Changes to graduation requirements explained

Eligibility for senior activities and graduation requirements have undergone some changes this school year, giving students more chances to cross the stage come May, and participate in activities in between. 

For students who have not passed the state requirement for Reading and/or Math, a concordant ACT, SAT or Classical Learning Test score can replace that requirement.

Previously requiring a 19, this year, a 17.5 ACT Reading score will fulfill the Reading requirement. For students who failed the Algebra 1 EOC, passing the Geometry EOC or getting at least a 16 on the ACT Math, or a 420 on the SAT Math, are an option.

According to Senior Guidance Counselor Dr. Kimberly McHenry-Williams, a new test has been included, which is the Classical Learning Test, its passing score for Reading is 36 and the passing score for Math is 11. This test can be taken at home to meet the requirements for the Algebra 1 EOC and the FSA reading. 

The 10/20 (10 absences and 20 tardies) rule; however, still stands. The difference between an unexcused absence and an excused one does not exist, excusing an absence allows you to make up work from a class, but it still means that you were not in class. 

“Excusing the absences but having more than the 10/20 rule can still put you in truancy,” Dr. McHenry said.

A student who is in truancy may be called in for an attendance review, if their absences are excessive, their parent’s driver’s license may be suspended. Tardies can become absences if the first period of the day is missed.

In order to clean a student’s attendance, Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday school have been added, which are taught by Assistant Principal Alicia Brown. Credits can be withheld if a senior’s attendance does not follow the 10/20 rule.

The community service requirement has not changed either, with students still needing at least one hour of service to graduate.

This year’s senior activities have enforced an existing requirement: in order to participate in them, you must meet the state test requirements and follow the 10/20 rule. Students with excessive unexcused absences may not be able to participate in school sponsored events.

“The key thing that the kids need to know is that we have a whole team of people who will hold them accountable to making sure they are here on time and that if they are absent, they make sure they get it excused,” Activities Director Michelle Russell said. “It is a school board rule, so every time there is a field trip I make sure to look at the people that are going and if they have more than 10 unexcused absences or 20 tardies, they are not eligible for it. Same thing with being on any sports team, to compete in robotics or science fair the 10/20 rule applies to all those things.”

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