Coach Cap’s big buzzcut

Head football Coach Thomas Caporale, better known as “Coach Cap,”  lost a bet to the varsity football team which resulted in him getting his hair shaved by the students themselves. 

The buzzing happened after school in the boys locker room where players took turns with the razor, with most of the boys getting the opportunity to have a swipe at his hair. 

The bet was made after the football team’s loss to Monsignor Edward Pace High School, where 19 of the players were injured and a lot of backups were employed. The game served as a catalyst for the to cheer up the students and motivate them for their next game.

“You could see the kids were kind of down a bit and we really push them a lot,” Coach Cap said. “I was using it as a tool to motivate them and give them some energy.” 

The bet was simple: if the team could go on a winning streak and make it to the playoffs, they would be allowed to shave Cap’s head. The promise clearly served as a good motivator, as our football team pushed through and became back to back district champions, for the first time in our school’s history. 

“It was satisfying to finally go through with it,” senior Cedrick Renazile said. “He was talking about it a lot and after we won it was rewarding to finally shave his hair.”