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College competitiveness

Simply excelling academically for four years may no longer suffice, as colleges continually adjust their criteria for admission, making the college application process increasingly more competitive. 

According to The Atlantic, in 2022, the number of students applying to college increased about 10 percent, a jump from 10 percent increase the year before. 

According to EAB, due to the extreme growth of applications, there has been a corresponding decline in the number of students being accepted. This shows an increased level of competition among applicants, resulting in a more selective admissions process across educational institutions. 

  “Even with 1500 on my SAT and a high GPA, I still got rejected from UF,” senior Jashan Singh said. 

   Students dedicate themselves to academic success over their four years in high school, focusing on achieving strong SAT scores and satisfactory GPAs, but encounter the issue of evolving standards and expectations from colleges. 

  According to a  report from The College Board Blog, many colleges are now test-optional, meaning students have an option to include their standardized test scores in their applications. This allows students to make the decision they think will best help their admission chances. 

Although this may be an advantage for some students, this can reflect on those who find their strength in standardized tests. Being that submitting test scores isn’t mandatory anymore for a significant number of schools, many students’ test scores hold less power. 

According to Stanford University, with the availability of advanced tools such as AI, there’s a concern that some students may resort to cheating to gain admission to colleges, potentially edging out deserving candidates who put in genuine effort and study hard. As stated by Business Insider, roughly 64 percent of students admitted to using AI for assignments and essays.  

Additionally, the increase in tuition cost negatively impacts low-income and middle-class families as financial aid becomes increasingly difficult to get hold of for families who receive minimal assistance, but struggle to cover tuition expenses. It’s essential to actively seek financial aid, scholarships and grants, while also advocating for policies addressing tuition inflation and investing in public education for equitable access. 

Limited financial aid, rising tuition costs, limited financial aid and changing college admission rules has made getting into college tougher and more competitive, particularly for specific demographics. These challenges make it harder for certain students to achieve their dream of going to their desired college, highlighting the need for changes to make the education that was worked for more accessible to everyone. 

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