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The Student News Site of Dr. Michael M. Krop

The Lightning Strike

The Student News Site of Dr. Michael M. Krop

The Lightning Strike

Custodians of Krop

Before many of us get up in the morning, our custodians have already been at school ensuring the campus is presentable for our faculty and students. Custodians make sure the bathrooms, hallways, cafeteria and classrooms are clean and ready for use, but their contributions extend beyond our school walls. 

     With 12 custodians on staff, each performs similar duties, but is assigned tasks in different areas. There are five custodians for the day shift from 5:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and seven for the night shift from 1:30 to 10 p.m.

     “Every day I wake up at 5:15 to make sure that the building is fully operational to have everything ready for the students,” Head Custodian Angel Gutierrez said. 

     Once school has ended and everyone goes home, the night shift is making sure the school is ready to operate the next day. 

     “Once I start heading home, I grab a bite to eat, then I get home by 8, watch some football, since I also coach football,” custodian Derek Murdoch said. “My ultimate goal is to teach Exceptional Student Education and be a head coach on high school level.” 

     While one custodian sweeps the trash and supervises, another custodian is cleaning the area around the cafeteria, and others are making sure the bathroom and classrooms are clean. As a team, they all work to keep the three buildings and surrounding area clean. 

    Most of the custodians at Krop have been working as a custodian for years and have built friendships with fellow coworkers as well. Gutierrez works all afternoon with Vanessa Hamsack, who works the night shift. Since working together they’ve become good friends who enjoy doing their job together. 

     “Every day I help my boss with the supplies for the custodians,” Hamsack said. “I’ve been working at Krop since 2010. I love my job and preparing and cleaning the classrooms for the children.” 

     After school, depending on the day, custodian Sonya Felix goes to pick up her nephews from practice, getting home around 5 or 6 p.m. to “watch her novelas” and relax.

     “My dream is to continue seeing my good boys stay good and become successful in life,” Felix said. “I love my job, and this is why I’m here. One day at a time, that’s my goal for me to keep living life.” 

     The custodians have more fun hobbies and dreams outside of school.​​ Gutierrez is finishing his bachelor’s to one day become a P.E. teacher. On the other hand, Murdoch’s favorite hobby of his is being a DJ, but he also coaches football which is his favorite sport. 

     Many of our custodians said they keep their headphones on and listen to music while they work and that it helps with motivation.

     “I like to listen to African and Christian music,” Hamsack said. “It makes working fun for me.”  

     As we walk past our custodians everyday, remember the work and love they put into the school, and make sure to show your appreciation.

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