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The Lightning Strike

Fairy designs come to life in Krop’s first fashion show


Fashion Club’s countless hours designing, creating and rehearsing allowed for the first-ever Krop fashion show. The Fairy Fashion Show took place in the auditorium on March 7, showcasing club members’ various artistic expressions. 

The show began with a speech from club president, senior Meadow Propsom, welcoming viewers.

“We have been working tirelessly, giving meaning to each creation and interpreting fairies in our own way,” Propsom said. “From original designs to our members’ unique styling abilities, each look tells a story and invites us to see the world through a different lens.”

The show consisted of 22 models displaying 30 outfits that fashion designers created throughout the school year. The models walked from the back of the stage onto a set of steps leading to the left auditorium walkway, walked back onto the stage, posed and walked down another set of steps to the right auditorium walkway, imitating a runway walk. They then walked back on stage and posed with another model, repeating the sequence until all outfits were demonstrated.

Once all outfits were displayed, each designer took turns coming out to the stage with a model showcasing their favorite outfit they designed. 

The outfits that were created were based on the fairy theme, which was selected by students at the beginning of the school year. Each designer was tasked with creating outfits that illustrated what the theme meant to them. 

“First, we had to draw our design on a sheet of paper, then decide on the patterns for each piece,” designer, senior Marline Apollon said. “I also thought of my model’s complexion, so I knew what colors I wanted to do, just the fabric was kind of tough to decide on. After you’re done with each piece we had to think of accessories and keep going back to our models to see if it fit them correctly, so it was a really long process.”

The designers were also assigned the creation of wings that would be worn with some of the outfits, a task that proved to be tedious.

“The wings were very difficult actually,” Propsom said. “We had to do wire, it was a lot of trial and error, they were very flimsy and they were falling backward, so we had to do some engineering skills on top of everything else.”

Designers asked some students to become models for the show. Those who agreed had to stay after school for various days before the event, rehearsing and practicing for a few hours in the auditorium.

“I was confident during rehearsals because I know how to do the whole model walk,” freshman Jaiyda Augcomfar said. “I felt happy because I got to express myself in a better light than usual.”

The combined efforts of the designers, models and club sponsor allowed for the birth of fashion shows at Krop. The Fashion Club is planning more shows for next year.

“I like fairies, so I was very excited to see what ideas they were going to bring to life with this theme, and I think it was awesome,” club sponsor Crystal Garcia said. “The show was great, the audience loved it, the kids were happy that it was a success. I felt tired, but I just love my students so much so they give me that energy to keep going.”

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