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First-year science teacher Eden Assraf awarded rookie teacher of the year

Natalie Bilbao
EDUCATING: Chemistry teacher Eden Assraf helps a student with their classwork during her 7th period chemistry class.

With just a few months into her teaching career and at Krop, Algebra 1 and Chemistry teacher Eden Assraf has been bestowed the Rookie Teacher of the Year award. 

On Nov. 2, Assraf was announced as this year’s Rookie Teacher of the Year, alongside English teacher Nicole Norona who was chosen as Teacher of the Year. 

Though this is her first official school year, Assraf started off at Krop last year as a substitute for Biology teacher Zola Lyn. She also worked as a server and taught lab classes at college.

As a first year teacher, Assraf faced some difficulty at first, but was able to overcome it over time with the help of members of the faculty and staff.

“I had Ms. Otero, my mentor, guide me through the process of putting grades in, how to deal with students, assignments and classes, along with the help of Ms. Tracy, Ms. Crawford, and Ms. Berner,” Assraf said.

In her class, Assraf likes to use various teaching methods to keep her students interested in the material. To enhance student participation, she implemented a “ticket” system.

“Students that answer questions, ask good questions or help other students, receive tickets that will benefit their class grade,” Assraf said.

Being distinguished as Rookie Teacher of the Year, Assraf labels it her biggest accomplishment as a teacher yet.

“I feel honored for receiving the award, especially so early on in my teaching career,” Assraf said. “I am very grateful to the staff and students who contributed to my reception of the title.”

Assraf is also fond of the response from students, who participate in class and have voiced their enjoyment of it to her.

While teaching multiple chemistry classes to students as an undergraduate student, Assraf was inspired to become a teacher during her sophomore year.

“Teaching those students and being able to be the person to help them realize and understand applicable concepts was an inspiration to me to further my education and teaching experience,” Assraf said. “It led me to pursue high school teaching to help students learn more about chemistry.”

As a teacher at Krop, Assraf hopes to have a positive influence on her students, preparing them academically and for life beyond the classroom.

“I want to make chemistry an exciting and fun subject for students to learn, as well as improve students’ scores, skills, and have them be able to participate and not be afraid of public speaking,” Assraf said. “I also want to incorporate mindfulness, kindness and create a safe space for students to want to learn about science.”

On Dec. 14, Assraf completed her master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from Florida Atlantic University. As for her future endeavors, Assraf plans on attending medical school once she is satisfied with her career as an educator.

For now, though, she will continue teaching at Krop, and would like to sponsor a science-related club sometime in the future. Ms. Assraf’s title as a Rookie Teacher of the Year with just a few months of teaching shows that greater achievements from her lie ahead, having a positive influence on our school.

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