Fujihana on a roll: sushi review

Fujihana on a roll: sushi review

Agustin Zelikson, Staff Writer

     Some parts of Japanese culture have expanded and risen across the world. Its presence is felt in Miami, FL. One of the most iconic and popular dishes is sushi. Many restaurants in Miami have sushi on their menu, including Fujihana, featured below.


4 Stars / 5 Stars

     Fujihana is a traditional Thai & Japanese kitchen in Aventura. Its menu offers a large selection, ranging from sushi to noodles. This restaurant is located in the Loehman’s plaza, a frequent site for Krop students searching for Sushi.

     I ordered a JB roll (salmon, cream cheese and scallion rolled in rice with seaweed on the outside), and a California Roll (imitation crab and avocado rolled in seaweed with rice on the outside). The California Roll also has masago, the edible eggs of the Capelin fish, and sesame seeds.

     The plating of the dish was simple with the JB roll and California Roll on opposite sides of the plate. It was plated only with wasabi (spicy paste), and ginger.     

     This basic plate was not the best. A more intricate presentation would have added personality and care into the dish.

     After eating both rolls, I noticed that the JB was better. In the California Roll, one can taste the imitation crab more than the avocado and the cucumber. The  overpowering flavor in the sushi overshadowed the other flavors. While the imitation crab was still tasty, a perfect sushi should have balanced flavors. A mixture of all the flavors inside it should be tasted, which is something that the California Roll was missing as well.

     In my opinion, the JB roll was best, since the salmon and the cheese complemented the scallions and rice. No flavor overshadowed the rest. I especially liked the cheese, which I didn’t expect would taste so good within a sushi roll. And when I bathed the sushi on eel sauce, I knew that it was the taste I had been looking for when I went into the restaurant.

     Fujihana was overall a good sushi restaurant, with good service, and better sushi. The only thing that I didn’t like was the presentation of the plate, which I found to be too simple, and the California roll, which, although good, could’ve been a lot better with less imitation crab.