Lincing Hernandez manages busy schedule

Tamia Streeter

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Lincing Hernandez is more than a teacher. She is also a coach, nurse and a counselor. Her busy schedule leaves everyone in awe of how she does it all. But she can credit her success to both luck and hard work.

In 2007, she began teaching anatomy and chemistry at Krop, and a year later, she replaced Luis Comulada as the swim coach.

“One of the swimmers had swum for me on another team, and he asked if I would be interested in coaching, from that day on I was one of Krop’s swim coaches,” Hernandez said.

But her busy schedule left less time for family and friends. Lincing grew up an only child and close to her cousins. Throughout adulthood, they kept in touch and made plans whenever they could. As Hernandez became busier, she had to sacrifice their quality time.

“At gatherings I always showed up late and brought my books with me. It was important for me to be with my family but I knew I had to accomplish my dreams,” Hernandez said.

Although she finds it tough to juggle her priorities, Hernandez is motivated by a desire to make a change in the world.

“My goal is to reach at least one person and make an impact in their life,” Hernandez said. “It is great to see a student have an “aha” moment but teaching is so much more.”

A former student of Hernandez’s recently thanked her for all of his success after being accepted into the University of Florida to study chemical engineering.

“I had one student who was going through a rough time at home,” said Hernandez. “He told me that if it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t have gotten his bachelor’s degree.”

Hernandez’s current students also appreciate her efforts.

“Mrs. Hernandez always has her students’ backs, she doesn’t accept excuses but understands that all humans make mistakes and that makes her such a great teacher,” senior Skylar Cartwright said.

From the pool to the classroom, Hernandez works hard and motivates her students to as well. As a nurse, counselor, coach and teacher Hernandez will continue to make a difference and positively impact her students’ lives.