Krop Implements New Dress Code Policy

Krop Implements New Dress Code Policy

Sunny Dovek, Staff Writer

This last week, many students were surprised by a sudden flow of dress code violations after an announcement made over the speakers by new Principal Dr. Adam Kosnitzky. As the first period started, administrators flooded first period classrooms to conduct surprise checks , while teachers sent students to CSI first thing in the morning.

This new emphasis on following the mandatory dress code started this school year, with a recent change in leadership. Our new Principal Dr. Kosnitzky, commonly referred to as Dr. K by teachers and students alike, stresses the importance of school uniforms and their ability to help maintain a productive school environment. 

Assistant Principal Mr. Brito also believes in the effectiveness of the uniform policy, stating the two main reasons to comply with the dress code as “adhering to the school board policy” and ensuring the safety of the whole school.  Mr.Brito underlines the necessity of administrators to follow the official guidelines which serve as an example for students.

“My uniform for work is button-downed shirts with pants, and tie,” said Mr. Brito when asked about student uniforms.

 “Everyone once in a while, I’ll wear a polo”, he adds. 

Commenting further, Mr.Brito said that, “As far as a tangible incentive, there really isn’t one,” but he mentioned some positive effects of the dress code.

 “Safety”, was one of his reasons, “and convenience of knowing what you’re going to wear everyday and not having to think about it,” was another one.

He also mentioned some possible negative effects that the policy can inflict on students and parents, such as the fact that the need to purchase new uniforms every year can be an “added cost to the parent.”

 Mr.Brito specified that all incentives were subjective and dependent on the position of parents, students and teachers in and out of school.


When asked to chime in on the surprised reactions of students, Mr.Brito said that last year, “we were consistent throughout the whole year in making announcements about the uniform and IDs,” and he added that he himself was surprised about the students reactions.

Uniforms and IDs go hand to hand, and Dr.K and the administrative team are also putting some emphasis on complying with ID wear.

Some students have found this rule hard to follow due to the poor quality of the new student IDs. Many students complain about the easily bendable nature of the IDs, as well as how easily they crack and break. 

“I don’t like wearing this… thing, I don’t,” said Mr.Brito about his ID, “But I’m an assistant principal at this school and I have to wear it.”

If my boss sees me not wearing the ID, he’s gonna give me a hard time about it, just like we give you guys a hard time about not wearing it”

— Mr. Brito