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The Student News Site of Dr. Michael M. Krop

The Lightning Strike

The Student News Site of Dr. Michael M. Krop

The Lightning Strike

Krop is STEAM-ing ahead!

     STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It is widely renowned in Miami-Dade County as their schools pride themselves in recognizing their students’ ability to showcase their ingenuity and skills. 

     The past two school years, Krop received a silver designation from the district, a significant marker as it indicates a school’s ability to provide challenging and rigorous activities within the field of STEAM for those who are interested in the subject.

     Krop participates in the SECME (Science, Engineering, Communications, Mathematics, and Enrichment) and STEAM events. 

     “We came in first place for the Physics Olympiad in 2015,” AP Computer Science teacher, Head of the STEAM and Science Fair Coordinator, Todd Thompkins said. “Then we went from the Physics Olympiad to doing the science fair to the mathematics challenge. We came in first place with the robotic hand last year. 

     President of both the Electrical and Computer Engineering Club and Science Honor Society, senior Jack Tchira said the clubs currently have multiple projects lined up, and that Thompkins is entering them in a lot of new competitions this year.

     “One of them being a water drone competition, which is a submarine-type device that we have to build, engineer, and design all here at Krop,” Tchira said. “I hope to achieve more service projects related to STEM this year, such as tutoring and helping communities in need, learn new  technologies and win more competitions.”

     STEAM programs at Krop allow students to grow their minds in creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, engagement in problem-solving, and experiential learning.

     According to Thompkins the biggest priorities right now include the upcoming Science Fair and preparations for the events held at the Miami Dade STEAM Expo on Feb. 3, 2024.

      Events such as the Brain Bowl, Mousetrap Car, Water Bottle Rocket, Egg-Drop, etc continue to keep the spirit of creativity and ingenuity among competitors. As for the future, hopes are high for more progress.

     “We have so many great kids at Krop that can benefit from bringing more STEAM and more STEM to everyone,” Science teacher and Science Honor Society Sponsor Lolitha Otero said. “Not just kids that are in STEAM and STEM classes. There are so many aspects that go far beyond hard science classes or hard math classes, and ways to integrate what you are interested in with STEM.”

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