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Lightning legacy: in defense of senior quotes

Isaiah Chavez
SENIOR SADNESS: An edited photo showcasing senior portraits without quotes

     You spend four years of high school looking forward to senior year and all the benefits that come with being an upperclassman, but what happens when one of the benefits, like yearbook seniors quotes, is robbed from you? 

      The reason senior quotes are going to be removed is because of Yearbook Adviser Natalie Bilbao’s issue with the quotes students submit. Seniors’ quotes can be risky as many students attempt to slip inappropriate jokes and sayings and, although it may seem harmless, Bilbao is held liable with her job at risk. 

     “Every year, I receive more inappropriate quotes than the year before,” Bilbao said. “Most of the time they are obvious, but sometimes students try to secretly submit something that has a double meaning. And, although I do a decent job of catching them, every year I’m taking a risk that I’ll miss one that goes to print and can get me fired.” 

     The class of 2024 will be the last graduating class of Krop to have senior quotes before they are removed from the yearbook. Senior quotes have been in Krop since 2014 and removing them would take away one of the many things freshmen enter high school looking forward to. 

Looking at a yearbook, full of students who went to your school before you came, you know nothing about who they are or what their time at the school was like; but by reading their senior quote, you are able to understand a little something about the person, and what they wanted to say. 

     “That quote sticks with you for the rest of your life, I think that’s such an exciting thing and you’re able to really express yourself,” senior Katherine Siroklin said. 

     Through senior quotes, students can express themselves and leave a little mark of their personality to their peers. Looking back at senior quotes can give students a feeling of nostalgia and help remind them of the people they spent four years in the same building with. 

     “Senior quotes are important for me because they serve as memorable reminders of our time in school and it captures the uniqueness and experience of graduating seniors,” junior Melinda Jean-Baptiste said. 

     While Krop offers many senior activities, not everyone is able to participate in them, whether it be due to financial issues or they have other activities that interfere with it, senior quotes is something all seniors are able to play a part in. This can help many seniors feel included as if they left something behind for their peers to remember them, even if they weren’t able to join in other senior events. 

     Senior quotes are a privilege. In order to keep senior quotes it’s important to remember that what we say will stay in the yearbook and impact how we’re viewed. Some solutions could be getting the yearbook staff to assist Bilbao in filtering out the inappropriate quotes, or assigning  other teachers or staff members to help.

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