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The Lightning Strike

Norona becomes TOTY

Natalie Bilbao
ON THE JOB: During her 7th period AP English Literature class, Nicole Norona assists senior Abel Profeta.

 She kicks off her class by greeting her students as they walk to their seats, which are all organized into groups. She discusses colloquial topics with her students and has some laughs with them in between.

   After just three years of being a part of the Krop family, English teacher Nicole Norona has won the title of “Teacher of the Year.”

     Teaching Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition and English 2 Honors, Norona has described her way of teaching as just following her plans, giving students examples that they can reference later, and modeling the work for them. She also assigns multiple group assignments to get them ready before having them work on their own.

     “Her teaching style is interactive,” sophomore Antuan Antonov said. “She likes communicating with the kids and helps them with anything they are struggling with. She’s a great teacher in terms of aiding students.”

     She started teaching in 2007 when she moved from Vermont to Miami. Before graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language and a minor in art history, Norona had already gained valuable work experience.

     “In college and throughout my 20s I did a whole lot of very random jobs,” Norona said. “I worked at Barnes & Noble, at the front desk of a hotel, at a convenience store, I used to sell tickets at a performing arts center and other ones that I don’t remember, and I would work multiple jobs at the same time too.”

     She found out about Krop thanks to a colleague that she had met during her teaching times at North Miami Beach where she worked for 15 years. 

     “I needed a change, and I knew one of the assistant principals that used to work here,” Norona said. “I had worked with her at North Miami Beach, so I just asked her if they needed another English teacher.”

     Senior Jimena Nieto has explained how Norona’s personality and behavior has made her stand out from past teachers she has had.

     “She is very instructive. She’s strict at times but there are a lot of times when she is flexible, fluent,” Nieto said. “She’s not rude, she compensates with you and is very passionate about her work. She’s also calm, compared to other teachers I had in the past.”

     After finding out about her nomination for “Teacher of the Year” during a faculty meeting, she expressed her gratitude towards her colleagues.

     “I knew that Mr. Reich had nominated me, and I was just very honored and flattered to be nominated and to get the award, especially because I haven’t been here for very long,” Norona said.

     Chair of the English Department and ESOL teacher, Margarita Perez has described Norona’s teaching style and personality thanks to comments her students have said.

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