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The Lightning Strike

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The Lightning Strike

Schedule switch; from six to eight class periods

At the end of the 2022-2023 school year, faculty voted for a switch to eight periods from the six-period schedule that had been in place since Krop opened. The switch has caused changes affecting both students and faculty. 

The addition of two periods has changed the schedule from a three-period block day to four periods a day, taking 30 minutes of class time from each period. 

“The classes end a lot faster than I expect them to,” Science teacher Lolita Otero said. “I’ve had to change my pacing, because I kind of overestimated how much I can teaching I can get done during that time.”

 This loss of class time also comes at a cost to classes like Intensive Reading, that benefit from extended class times. 

“Some of my students need those extra minutes that I’ve lost to have me go over a particular skill or strategy,” English teacher Joann Vilella-Howell said. “I do not have that time anymore.”

 The schedule change does include positive changes, such as a longer lunch time. Students and staff now have 45 minutes to enjoy their meals before returning to class, compared to last year’s 35-minute break. 

“It gives me more time in order to finish any important things or homework that I have to do,” junior Joseph Reddick said. 

This was also a positive adjustment for some Star Academy Magnet students who were limited on their class choices last school year. Now, students have more room on their schedules to take electives outside of their magnet strand.

 “For magnet students, it’s hard to get all your credits in before graduation,” senior and Theater magnet student Arianna Zarzosa said. “We end up doing a lot of dual enrollment or online classes – this just takes all the stress out.” 

According to Psychology teacher Arturo Tenacio, shorter class times benefit students because their attention span tends to be shorter. 

“It is better for them to have shorter classes in order to pay more attention and to understand more what is being taught,” Tenacio said.

 Part of the change to eight periods meant new elective classes, including Hebrew, Principals of Aeronautical Science, and Technical Theater: Design and Production. 

With the addition; however, is the issue of of overcrowded classrooms, especially in electives. 

Due to budgeting issues with the district, there is a shortage of teachers needed to cover these classes. “I have almost 40 kids in each of my Journalism 1 classes,” English teacher Natalie Bilbao said. “But I’m doing what I can to make it work.

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