SGA Introduces Class Wars


Hannah Medow, Staff Writer

Four years ago SGA came up with the idea of sponsoring class wars, this year it’s finally happening. SGA is hosting class wars every first Friday of the month. 

Class wars — where the four different classes: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors compete in different activities and win points for representing their class — was introduced at the first pep rally of the school year on Friday, Aug. 30, where classes competed in hula hooping and rapping contests. Three or four volunteers from each class participated in the activities as students cheered their classes on. Points were awarded to the classes that won, and competition was created. The first class wars event took place on Friday, Sept. 6. where there was jump roping, hula hooping, and musical chairs at lunch and students from the different grade levels participated in the activities. 

“It was pretty fun, I like the activities they came up with,” junior Caroline Algarin said. 

The class war events will contain several different lunch games and activities, which will be planned by Krop’s spirit committee and will be hosted by a DJ. Any member, participant, or SGA board member can make a suggestion or idea for the lunch activities. 

The class that earns the most points each semester will earn $500, with two points being awarded every game. The money, awarded by Activities Director Ms. Michelle Russell, is to be put towards senior events, field trips and prom. The classes can also plan activities and make requests to SGA on how they want to spend their prize money. The points are recorded by SGA on a huge scoreboard where the DJ is during lunch activities.

In an earnest attempt, SGA hopes that class wars will raise school spirit, this will be fun for students, and when SGA heard about this idea they brought it forward for this school year.