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The Lightning Strike

Student athletic scholarships: hard work finally pays off

Tiffany Brito
THE BIG DAY: Khamari Griffin on signing day, officialy signing his scholarship and committing to his new school.

Whether it’s running extra laps in the hot summer sun or waking up early everyday to workout, our athletes have sacrificed a lot of time and effort in order to achieve their athletic scholarships

Kal-El Pascal, a senior and student-athlete here at Krop with 14 years of football experience, sheds some light on the scouting process of his respective sport.

 “The scouting process is basically promoting yourself,” Pascal said. “Going to camps and putting yourself out there in front of these coaches, showing that you mean business.”
He encourages fellow athletes not to be disheartened by setbacks, assuring them that perseverance pays off.

 “It’s a fun and wonderful experience, but don’t get discouraged if things don’t go your way because something’s going to come around”
When it comes to the scouts Kal-El demonstrates his genuine determination to the game.

“When a scout comes, I don’t prepare for them.” I just play football and give it my all like I always do.” Pascal said.

He believes that focusing on the game rather than the scout’s presence is critical for peak performance. 

“Having a scout there is cool, but putting more of your attention on them isn’t going to help you perform well on the field.” Pascal said.

Pascal’s dedication to the game is evident as he reveals his ultimate goal. 

“I love this sport to the point everything I do works towards me getting to the NFL because I will be an NFL player. Everything I do is to better my career in this sport.” 

Currently Kal-El is at Bowling Green State University as a defensive back.
Khamri Griffin, another senior student-athlete, mentions how his football curiosity sparked at a young age.

 “I started playing football because my little brother started playing, that then inspired me,” Griffin shares. 

His passion for the sport ignited at 14, and he’s been playing ever since.

When delving into the scouting process, Griffin’s approach is one of focus and introspection.”I will sometimes listen to music and try to review my plays and just overall lock-in,” he shares.
For Griffin, he found the appeal of football lies in the intensity of practice and the joy found in working out. 

“Seeing how intense practice was and working out was a lot of fun for me,” he remarks.    

Adding to the mix is Zachary Haggerty, a senior student-athlete who plays baseball. Haggerty who has been playing for a decade reveals how baseball has always been a family thing.

 “My family had played baseball, so it was in my blood growing up,” Haggerty shares.

Haggerty reveals how he also draws inspiration from his personal goal. 

“What’s kept me inspired is being the first person between my brothers to graduate,” he shares. 

This has served as a driving factor as well as adding a layer of significance to his journey. Haggerty talks about the scouting process in baseball and how it starts.

 “It kicks off around the eighth or ninth grade, just doing showcases and meeting other coaches and players.”

When preparing for scouts, Haggerty focuses on both his mental and physical status.

 “Mentally, what I do is I pretend like they aren’t there, and I just try to focus on winning. As for the physical aspect, I just work out and train on what I’m lacking,” he explains.

 With eight different offers, Haggerty is contemplating the next part of his baseball career. As these student-athletes continue to thrive, their stories serve as a source of inspiration for student-athletes everywhere, demonstrating the devotion, passion and goals that fuel the pursuit of excellence both on and off the field.

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