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Tech neck, a future of hunchbacks

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NEGATIVE EFFECTS: A man straining his neck from looking at his phone.

Tech neck, as we keep on evolving, we’re going to become hunchbacks.

Staring down as they scroll through “for you” pages for hours on end, reading text messages and looking at pictures on their phones can bring teens joy, yet they don’t realize the harm they may be doing to their body.

According to the Premier Spine Institute, “tech neck” is a term that describes repetitive strain to the neck, due to improper neck position when using and facing screens. When your neck is bent forward for an extended period of time, the muscles and pressure on the cervical spine become strained, leading to a variety of symptoms.

 “The immediate effect of tech neck consists of aching and stiffness of the lower neck, shoulders, upper back and headaches,” Anatomy teacher Lisa Berner said. “Long-term effects of tech neck could result in an injury to the spinal nerves or the cervical discs. A minor effect should resolve in a few days or a week if you keep good posture.”

A study from the National Library of Medicine concluded that the prevalence of neck issues caused by smartphone use in 2022 was reported to be 46 percent among individuals tested. The findings of this study supported the biomechanical hypothesis that tech neck may be a cause for the increased prevalence of neck disorders in this population, and show that as the addiction to smartphones persists, the condition of tech neck will aggravate more.      

Tech neck has a massive impact on children and teens. According to the Children’s Airways First Foundation (CAFF), poor posture in children will likely result in neck pain, abnormal growth of the bones and even their ability to breathe properly or gain quality sleep. A child’s growth stunting can also be an effect of poor posture. A child won’t be able to fully develop when their growth stunts. This is a problem for future generations as once they come into this world there is technology already all around them which causes this bad posture. 

“I definitely feel like my phone has worsened my posture, and it’s done the same for my friends,” freshman Jaden Friedman said. “This new generation is going to be most affected by this because at such a young age, they were so used to technology, which shows how early this condition can develop.”

Taking breaks, using good posture, stretching the muscles, and getting gentle massages will improve your circulation. Using these tactics can prevent tech neck from emerging, especially when developing. Young teens need to realize the effect their devices have on them once they grow older. Becoming hunchbacks is a surreal idea, yet it may come true

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