The College Board’s Krop Classrooms


Ryan Curtis, Staff Writer

The College Board implemented a new system called AP Classroom that gives teachers a timeline of what material should be covered, as well as provide new tools to help students prepare for the exam.

Every AP class has a poster with this timeline showing which topics should be taught more than others. In addition, the poster also shows how likely a certain concept is to show up on the final exam.

Along with the timeline, AP classroom is an online device used by teachers that allows them to test students on their strengths and weaknesses. This allows for teachers to properly guide students in the right direction in terms of proper help for the course.

With AP Classroom being implemented, AP teachers are able to revise their lesson plans and focus more on necessary material to pass the test.

“It’s a great site with a lot of good resources that are going to take some time for teachers to familiarize themselves with it and all the great tools,” AP Environmental Science teacher Ms. Leonard said.