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The ins and outs of Student Government Association

Seth Cohen
GET INVOLVED: Senior Daniel Entebi scans a QR code to vote for this year’s Homecoming theme.

To understand many important aspects of Krop, from school events to certain community service projects and everything in between, one must look at SGA’s role in the process. 

SGA has an extensive board, consisting of numerous positions – each board member serving different functions essential to keeping it afloat. The president, vice-president and all positions besides the committee chairs are elected, unless the race is uncontested.

The club is divided into six committees, each managing a part of the club’s responsibilities, having one or two committee chairs, which are appointed by Activities Director and SGA Sponsor Michelle Russell. Additionally, each class has its own subsection and president, focusing on events for its specific grade level.. Communicating between SGA and each class are the senators, who serve in both groups. 

The School Spirit Committee helps to plan the Homecoming dance, spirit weeks and pep rallies. This year’s committee chair, junior Sean Bah, aims to increase student participation, which he felt was not high enough last year. 

“We’re definitely going to have more engagement with the kids,” Bah said. “We want to reel in their attention. We’re already implementing that for Homecoming by letting the student body vote on which theme they want.”

The Student Unity Committee plans events that are meant to bridge the gap between students in the school, including Be Our Guest, an after-school activity in which students come together to discuss different issues affecting the student body. The committee also organizes International Day, which allows students to share their home country’s cuisine for an eventful lunch. This year they’re planning to help host Krop Talks, Krop’s version of Ted Talks, in the auditorium during lunch and after school.

“We try to make sure that everyone realizes that despite our differences, we can still learn to get along and cooperate through events that unite the student body,” junior and former Committee Chair Konstantina Papadaki said.

The Community Service Committee works on various community service projects throughout the year. This year, they’re organizing a diaper drive, to help newborns and struggling mothers. Diapers and other essentials for raising a baby are collected through all the clubs of the school, who encourage their members to donate. However, individual students can also donate diapers. They also plan to organize a Bingo Night at a nursing home and to help coordinate a Blood Drive. 

The Freshman Transition Committee organizes activities for freshmen and runs the Freshman Transition Program, which pairs freshmen with upperclassmen who advise them on starting their high school careers. 

“We make sure that the mentors and mentees can create a bond,” senior and Co-Chair Maxlynne Augustin said. 

The Student Ambassador committee works with students entering Krop from other high schools and provides school tours to parents. 

Finally, there’s the Communications committee, which gets the word out to the students on all the important events happening around the school. They contribute to the school’s Instagram and YouTube, which are both managed by Russell, informing students on upcoming events.

While SGA has many officers, the club and its committees are kept afloat by regular members who volunteer their time and effort to suggest ideas and staff committees. Despite this, concerns that the members’ input aren’t valued have been raised. However, the board members said they plan to fix this. 

“Our main goals are to have more student input and to give students more representation in decisions,” Co-President and senior Uziel Isman said. “We also want to have surveys so students can voice their opinions.”

The work of the club can often require a lot of time and effort, especially for members of the board.

“The work is demanding, but it’s worth it as you get to make a positive influence in the school,” sophomore and Co-Chair of the Unity Committee Denzel Augustin said.

Without SGA’s influence, students wouldn’t have a say in the way events are run, and  many important programs might not have anyone to run them. If you want to join and help out, meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Monday in the auditorium.

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