The world’s first clear coffee


Mercedes Hipolito

Above: The world’s first clear coffee, now available in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Coffee can be made in a variety of ways: black, sweet, hot, and cold. But clear? Everyone please give a round of applause for the first clear coffee to be created.

Sold under the brand name CLR CFF, the beverage looks like a water bottle, but has the taste of a brew. Cofounders and brothers, Adam and David Nagy describe the drink on their website as “a method that has never been done before.” Also from their website: “due to this combination of technology and high quality ingredients a drink has been developed which is unique in taste and flavor.”

The Nagy brothers kept the essence of coffee traditional, but with a totally new look, based on an as yet undisclosed processing method they brand developed. The beverage looks like water but is still caffeinated with arabica coffee beans, and only four calories. Substances like preservatives, stabilizers, and sugar are not included. Best of all, teeth are no longer stained.

Europe is distributing the product in select stores, like Whole Foods. It’s currently available on retail shelves in the UK and Slovakia, but the U.S. consumers can only order online. A two-pack of the clear brew costs about $6-7 dollars, while the five-pack is $16-17.