Tips on public speaking

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Tips on public speaking

Hannah Bregman, Staff Writer

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“Imagine everyone in the audience in their underwear.”

This common phrase is a suggested tactic to overcome glossophobia. Many people, when faced with the prospect of speaking in front of people start to sweat, become clammy, struggle to breathe, or even refuse to do it. However most career paths will involve some form of public speaking, whether it is presenting an idea or addressing coworkers. Here are some tips to help overcome the fear of public speaking and improve at it.


  1. Picture yourself giving an amazing speech – visualizations can build up confidence


  1. Have friends around to support you


  1. Take deep breaths to control your nerves


  1. Speaking is a skill, so be patient and don’t forget to practice to improve and overcome nerves.
  2. Speak from the heart, be yourself and have a good time, be conversational


  1. When you practice, simulate it to feel as similar to giving the real speech as possible


  1. Make eye contact with individuals in the audience and move around the stage


  1. Speak unusually slow – nervous people tend to rush through their speech


  1. Be aware of nervous gestures, and use your body to assist in delivering your speech


  1. Have a powerful opening by grabbing the audience’s attention, and a strong ending with a memorable statement or a call to action.


“Public speaking skills are crucial when trying to deliver a message because they are the backbone of how the audience is going to interpret and carry on your message,” senior Johanna Mouyal said.

If you want to work on or perfect your public speaking skills check out the Toastmasters club. You can also watch Ted Talks, to see exemplary speeches, found in the link below.