Visions December Showcase

Visions, a collaborative holiday production created by the magnet program, was showcased on Dec. 14 and 15 in Krop’s auditorium. 

The magnet program consists of student artists, singers, actors, dancers and musicians. Each program prepared for their performance with continuous practice during and after school for months. 

The production started in Act One of  “Miracle on 215th Street,” where junior Garsha Mompoint finds out she’s spending Christmas with her grandparents, played by sophomores Zackary Martin and Shardonay Dailey. Taking place at a Christmas festival, the characters visit exhibits representing the different strains of the magnet program. Some exhibits represented jazz ensembles and symphonic bands.

“It was really scary at first,” junior Mompoint, who played the main character, said. “But after all the training it came to me naturally.” 

As the curtains closed, a short duet scene was showcased, played by sophomore Zackary Martin and Junior Jaliah Nelson.

Visuals art teacher Julie Shakher’s students created projects throughout the year that were selected to be in Visions. Along with Visuals arts teacher Crystal Garcia and Photography teacher Krystal Leal, students remained focused on producing art work to be displayed in the foyer. 

The student artwork ranged from colorful pieces to portraits to fauvism. Some paintings included portraits about violence and police brutality, while others represented nature and still lifes. A diverse slide show was also unveiled to show more artwork and commend the artists.

Junior Diana Duperon created artwork that was represented all throughout Visions, including on the front page of the playbill. Her colorful piece represented beauty and being chosen. 

“The girl in the picture has passed away and the butterfly finally chose her to represent her beauty.” Duperon said. 

Junior Angel Linares Sotill created many pieces that were presented in the foyer during the show. His “Burning Man” piece allowed him to work in his most basic form and put as much emotion into the piece as he could. 

“The piece itself doesn’t have any real story behind it,” Sotill said, “but more of a representation of my journey in art.”

Band Director Bringle Cidel, Theater Director April O’Bryant-Harris and Magnet Dance teacher Bernadette Pierre had their students working after school at rehearsal and during class to perfect the music for the production. Rehearsal could last up to three hours and began months before the production. 

The jazz ensemble and symphonic band played songs such as: “The Christmas Song” and “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” The orchestra students also performed “Brandenburg Concerto” and “Carol of the Rising Bells” with freshman Gabriel Hernandez presenting a solo of “Prelude in C” on the piano.

To end the show, all the strands of the magnet program came out to sing and perform one last dance performance.