Athletic department sales

For the first time since 2019, Jamaican patty sales are back. Sales started on Oct. 3, with students selling by going to individual classrooms during first block and second block and during lunch, if supplies last. 

The Jamaican patties are being sold for $2, cash only.  

Covid regulations didn’t allow for food sales, making it significantly harder to fund the sports programs as fundraising through sales was a huge source of income, but they finally released the lockdown.

“The last time they sold bagels and Jamaican patties was my freshman year,” senior Alexandra Filori said. “I’m really happy they’re back.” 

Another form of raising money for athletics has materialized in the apparel store at the South Patio, which began business on Oct. 10.

“We are actually reopening the store,” Coach Danac Lebrun said. “With Covid, we weren’t allowed to sell anything or fundraise, but they finally took off the restrictions.”

The apparel store is run by the Lightning Athletic Club, which Lebrun sponsors. Seniors Alysa Marquez and Ariana Sueing work the store during both lunches, selling Krop clothing to students like t-shirts and crewnecks.

All the money from both the Jamaican patty sales and the apparel store revenue is going directly to the sports program, funding things like new uniforms and gear for the players.