Over 1400 Miami-Dade Schools students attend HIP health seminar


Taken from HIP's twitter account

HIP reaches over 33,000 ninth grades a year. HIP's annual health summit occurred on Mar.13, 2018 this year.

Tamia Streeter, Feature Editor

Every year on Mar. 13, HIP peer health educators (PHEs) across the county meet up at University of Miami’s Watsco Center for “HIP Day.” HIP Day allows PHEs to meet PHEs from other schools and share their experiences. They also enjoy speeches from community leaders and HIP Alumni. Last year’s keynote speaker being Miami-Dade schools’ superintendent, Alberto Carvalho.

For this year’s HIP Day, Krop’s PHEs arrived at the Watsco center at nine Tuesday morning.

They were welcomed by “Hipsters,” volunteers of the nonprofit organization who handed them stickers and markers. They were told to write their name on their sticker and stick it to their HIP shirt. Each sticker had a different number on the bottom, right corner that represented the table where they would be seated.

This system is designed to ensure that only students from different schools are sat together.

“I was most excited to meet new people,” junior HIP member Ella Wdowinski said. “I think it will be more fun now because this is my first time and I didn’t know what to expect.”

The PHEs and their tablemates introduced themselves and bonded over their experiences while answering a series of questions, including: “what do you think is the most prevalent health issue at your school?” and “how has HIP made you better at presenting and classroom management?”  

PHEs, faculty sponsors and community leaders see HIP day as a celebration of the change HIP creates. Speakers Dr. Lawrence Feldman and Florida judge who recently sat down with activist and Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez, praised PHEs for their leadership.  

“She is no different from you,” the judge said. “If that were to happen at your school that would be you on TV campaigning and making sure your voices are heard.”

For the seniors this is their last HIP day as a PHE, however they can also go back as HIP alumni and even help organize the event. The juniors look forward to continuing to make a difference in the school next year and celebrate their hard work at HIP day 2019.  

“As a junior I have one more year and I know my time isn’t over,” PHE Stiffi Range said.”I will keep enhancing my public speaking and classroom management skills so that I can continue to reach freshmen in need.”