Senior twins juggle school and sports

They’re pole vaulters, they’re band members, and they’re honor students, the Romeo twins are athletes and musicians who hardly ever get a break. Waking up at exactly 5:18 a.m. each morning, seniors Brianna and Isabella Romeo spend their days focused on sports and athletics, while balancing family, friends, TV show binges and their daily workout.

Drum Major Isabella plays the flute, while Band Captain Brianna plays the euphonium and trombone. Outside of their musical activities, the twins are award-winning pole vaulters. Isabella finished eighth at regionals and was awarded a district title in 2021-2022, while Brianna finished tenth in states and hopes to be in the top three by the end of her senior year.

They’ve been at it for only nine months; however, they’ve maintained many other sports throughout the years, such as dance, gymnastics, volleyball, softball, soccer and flag football. As much as the twins grew a passion for all of the sports they’ve participated in, they felt as if doing seven sports wouldn’t have been realistic, especially in high school, so they concentrated all their effort and work towards the sport that they cared about the most for their senior year.

The twins said it is exhausting trying to balance music with sports in such a small time frame in a day. By the time they are done doing the necessities of their daily routine, it is already 12 a.m., and they go to sleep, meaning there aren’t any breaks nor free time to themselves. \

Pole vaulting is a winter sport, so anytime before their season starts, they try to get as much bonding time with people they are close with because once pole vaulting season starts, there is no time for anyone and when there is, the twins are too exhausted to do anything or would much rather binge watch their favorite shows.

“The most helpful staff member throughout the years has been the music teacher, Bringle Cidel, he’s been one of the only people understanding of our busy schedule and the fact that music wouldn’t be our only focus. We appreciate him.” Brianna said.

Due to the fact that Cidel sees how busy the twins are, he lets them leave early on days they stay late, he allows them to make up or learn things they’ve missed, he’s been a big help.”

The twins’ goals for their final year of high school is to improve as much as possible on pole vaulting before having to decide what they want to do long term. Depending on how well they do this year is the determination of the in-state college they’d want to attend, neither of the twins want to do pole vaulting for the rest of their lives. Brianna wants to be involved in medical school and Isabella wants to get into engineering.

Brianna and Isabella are well known in school for their athletics, talents, and good deeds, not only meaning they are being noticed for their hard work but also for always spreading positivity around the school, whether it’s in a physical manner or in a form of speech.

“My philosophy is that if you have a platform, use it,” Brianna said.