Watch from home


Since the start of the 2020-2021 season, Krop sports games have been live streamed and recorded so friends and family of student athletes can join and watch the games digitally and safely from home.

Other than the required coach for the sport, limits have been placed on who can attend games in order to maintain social distancing guidelines and create a safer school environment. Friends and family of student athletes are able to tune into the live streams or later watch the recorded games at home, allowing them to show their athletes love and support. At every game, whether indoors or outdoors, a manager or coach with a computer and camera streams it live and uploads it to YouTube thereafter; then, the recording is posted on the ‘Lightning Athletics’ YouTube channel. The camera and device used to record each game varies depending on the sport. Home games are recorded by each sport coach, and depending on the school, some away games may be recorded and live streamed as well. The videos on the ‘Lightning Athletics’ YouTube channel have an average of 232 views.

“My family was happy to hear that they get the opportunity to watch me play because they love watching me thrive in my sport,” said senior and member of the soccer and volleyball teams Steven Benaim. “I’m glad the school has done something about it instead of just having our games undocumented or no games at all.”

This provides an efficient and Covid-19 friendly alternative to live audiences, so sit back and enjoy your friends and family play sports from the comfort of your own couch.