Back again, Krop’s 2022 club fair

On Sept. 7,  Krop hosted its annual Club Fair during both lunches, giving all students the opportunity to learn about the array of clubs offered, and sign up for those they were interested in. 

Club members put up posters, decorations, and gave out candy, snacks and flyers to students who approached their tables.

Students and staff set up their tables during third period and the club fair started during first lunch. The clubs’ goals were to sign up as many people as possible, market themselves, or to simply spread awareness on their contribution to the school.

“The behind the scenes of getting the club fair rolling are done by contacting the Inter-Club Council, the club that consists of presidents of every club,” Activities Director Michelle Russell said.

Senior and president of Gaming Club, Zachary Burch, was in charge of the Gaming Club table at Club Fair, which had multiple video games set up for students to play.

“I think what drew people to our table was our whole setup,” Burch said. “We had a tri-monitor set up and three games going throughout both lunches, the whole thing was very flashy.”

The set up proved successful, with the Gaming Club garnering 60 new sign ups from the event. The group meets up every other Tuesday to play video games

A few tables over, the Happiness and Well Being club, headed by Senior Erube Arancibia, was busy marketing their mental health and positivity group. 

“We had two big tri-fold posters with pictures and descriptions of what we do in Happiness and Well Being and our club name spelled out with candy bars,” Arancibia said. “We passed out lollipops to everyone who signed up, which ended up being 80 new people – the whole setup went very smoothly.”

The same could not be said for the Robotics club, which senior and Club President Spencer Smith said faced some challenges during their table setup.

“Our original plan involved a robot we couldn’t end up utilizing,” Smith said. “We were able to come up with a challenge as a last minute replacement, where students tried to stop a machine from moving for a dollar. We ended up with 30 new sign ups.” 

The club fair consisted of a little over 20 clubs, giving each an opportunity to market their group to the whole of Krop’s student body. Unique gags were seen throughout, like the pull up competition hosted by NJROTC, trivia questions asked by the French Club, or the ongoing chess game located at the chess club’s table. Although some clubs got more attention than others, all were able to present an accurate and appealing outlook of their club and reach out to students who might not have learned about them otherwise.

 “The club fair was successful, the clubs did an excellent job representing their clubs,” Russell said. “They had extremely interactive and attractive presentations, and the students got a good idea of each student organization and ultimately the club membership increased as a result of that.” 

You can access every club’s meeting schedule and room number in the activities tab of the Krop website by downloading the Activities Chart PDF.