Why the Raw Jüce coupons?


Aidan Singer, Business Manager

Within the first two weeks of school, students have lined up at local smoothie place Raw Jüce to use their coupon for one free juice or acai bowl promoted by the PTSA on the first day. Distributed by homeroom teachers, the voucher excited students for the two weeks to follow until the ticket expires.

“I’m planning to go sometime before it ends,” sophomore Maya Poler said as she held her coupon. “I’m glad they gave out the coupon because now I have an incentive to go,” she said.

Not only were student pleased, but Raw Jüce understood that issuing coupons would both advertise themselves and bring new faces into their store.

“I’ve seen like eight-hundred people this past week. I mean there’s 800 tickets. So like around there,” Raw Jüce employee and senior Emily Buenos said.

One issue however, is the small selection of food and beverages to order. Offering almost two thirds of the menu on the coupon, some may think buying something else is not worth their money

“People just come and use their coupon and don’t get anything else,” Buenos said.

The senior at Krop works three to four times a week, usually on school days.

One significant factor in this endorsement is the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). The fact that the PTSA was able to predict certificates for a local health and juice place would interest hundreds of high school students is notable. The fourteen-day promotion ended September 3rd.