New principal Krueger bring change

As scared underclassmen and ego-boosted upperclassmen walked into Krop on Aug. 17, Principal Lee Krueger waited to make his first impression. With a schedule as rigorous as the students he supports, Krueger aims to take over Krop and boost us back to our once “A” school status.

Arriving at 6:30 each morning, Krueger gets a jump start on his day in his office, replying to emails, voicemails and post-its left the day before. By 7:20 you can find him with students – whether it be in the front, greeting parents dropping off their kids, or in the student-parking lot watching out for the city’s new drivers.

Back in the building for first period, Krueger takes the opportunity to visit classes daily, checking to make sure things are running smoothly. Prioritizing academics, he visits five to seven classes each morning, unless occupied with the occasional morning meetings. 

Strengthening our academic core is one of Krueger’s main goals for Krop. Through master scheduling, he intends to open more opportunities for advanced learning. Limiting overlap between AP class periods and adding new curriculum to our schedules is just the start of Krueger’s approach.

“I want to identify students who have the potential to take higher level classes and steer them in the right direction,” Krueger said.

Using PSAT scores, Krueger intends to meet with teachers, scoping out new chances for academic proliferation. It is also important to him that parents understand the importance of this achievement. Krueger stays connected with both students and parents, attending every athletic meet, school spirit event and sending home robocalls to keep parents informed.

Born and raised in Hollywood, and an FSU and FIU alumni, Krueger understands culture and pride, a theme he wants to help continue at krop. 

“I want to rebuild the school culture…it’s all important, everything,” Krueger said. “The dress code, the school image, and the representation shown by me and other school officials,” Krueger said.

Krueger has a long history in the school system, serving Miami-Dade County Public Schools for 28 years. He began his career in education as a substitute teacher in 1994. He went on to teach Chemistry, and became an assistant principal in 2004. Now, as a principal at a school with over 2,500 students, Krueger said he has a true appreciation for his students and a distinct desire for them to prosper. 

“I just want all my students to graduate,” Krueger said. “I just want you to do well…and I’ll hold everyone to the same standards to get them there.”