Hafter and Smith Host Drive for Bahamas

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While Florida was spared from Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamas were devastated by the storm. Dorian hovered over the islands with Category 5 intensity and 185 mph winds for three days. There were over 50 fatalities in the Bahamas, with $7 billion of damage.

Now, AP Human Geography Teacher Eric Hafter is giving students  an opportunity to donate supplies to the Bahamas. Mr. Hafter is working with Activities Director Ms. Russel to sponsor a drive where students can exchange non-perishable food items for community service hours. They plan on sending supplies out as soon as possible, as they have already received large donations. 

Ms. Russel has a deadline for donations, which Mr. Hafter plans on extending by himself, as long as he sees the need. 


“I foresee a need for about a year, if not more,” Mr Hafter said.


 Until then, he is accepting any non-perishables, from canned goods to beverages in room 2157.

Broadcasting teacher Ceresta Smith is working with United Teachers of Dade in supplying victims of the hurricane with necessary food and materials.

 “We acknowledge that they’re under dire circumstances there,” Ms. Smith said, “so we’re just trying to help.”

Smith is accepting any hydratin

g liquids, non-perishable foods, and hygiene items such as deodorant and diapers, as well as batteries and flashlights. The union is collecting materials until Friday, Sep. 19. 

In order to help a family she is close friends with, Ms. Smith is planning on going to the Bahamas on Sep. 21,. She was told by close friends that live there that a lot of Bahamians are not receiving supplies, so they are contacting family to help them. They reached out to her, requesting that she go for a day to help out.