Krop Hosts Art Competition for Students!

Galit Roffe, Staff Writer

Gerald Sprayregen is an an award winning poet who has published several books and has exhibited his art in the NBA Hall of Fame. He is the founder of the Sprayregen Family Foundation inc., the foundation is hosting the “Search for Creativity” Photography and Poetry Competition, which is open to all Krop students.

The topic asks that you consider the following statement:“How I consider the world is unique to who I am.” The content that will be submitted is up to the individual and how the individual perceives the world in their own unique way. The foundation wants participants to let them into their own view of the world through a photograph or poem.

Participants can enter the competition by  filling out the label attached to the packet, which can be received from a teacher.Contestants must submit their work on a printed page that is no longer than 8.5” x 11”, to our school representative, Ms. Funcia, in room 2143.

Sophomore Cecilia Edelberg is entering her poem titled “A History of Exodus,” about the past and present struggles that jewish people face.

“I wrote it a week or two after the massacre at the Pittsburg synagogue. The topic of people hating jews solely because of their religion inspired me to write the poem.” Edelberg siad.

The first place prize is an Apple ipad for poetry winners and  iPad minis and iPods are given to the second and third place winners. A Canon DSLR camera for the first place  photography winners, and digital cameras are awarded to the second and third place winner. Winners will be selected in each grade level for each category.  

All students who participate in the contest will also receive a book of poetry and imagery called, “The Unlikely Poet” by Sprayregen. All entries are due the week that we return form Spring Break.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” Edelberg says, “It is free and the prizes are actually nice so there is nothing to lose, and you get a free book!”

As a result of  participating in this contest, our school will also receive a 1,000 dollar contribution to be used towards the purchase of art supplies in an effort to support creative expression in the arts.