Your ride along to parking permits, simplified

In order to legally park on school grounds, you are going to need a parking permit. The process of obtaining one can be challenging for some, but this guide will help break it down. 

The application can be found on the Krop website (, by clicking the home page under the Activities tab. The Google Form link on the left-hand side, “Parking Decal Application,” includes detailed instructions on how to properly submit the documents needed for obtaining your permit. 

The application requires that you submit a list of personal information necessary to buy your permit. Of these include your name, address, car make and model, license plate number and school ID. On top of this, you must submit pictures of your driver’s license, insurance and car registration.

Once you complete the form, the next step of your journey includes traveling to the OSP website, accessible through your student portal. According to the Parking Decal Information page, the permit costs $20 and must be paid in two $10 deposits. The deposits should be executed through two different links, one labeled Parking Decal and the other as Parking Decal 2. 

After completing your payment through OSP, you need to stop by the Activities Office (room 3-105) during lunch to pick up the decal, which you will place on your rearview mirror. 

If you are early in your payment, you might be lucky enough to choose your preferred parking spot. To see the options available, access the links on the Krop website Activities page labeled Parking lot A and Parking lot B. The spots are first come, first serve.

Just because you secure a parking permit does not mean you are entitled to keep it, however. The Parking Decal Rules page, also located on the activities tab of our school website, lists a number of rules a permit holder must abide by. According to this page, a permit can be revoked if the vehicle is deemed unsafe by school personnel, is parked in an unassigned spot, or if they break certain aspects of the Student Code of Conduct.