Top ten unspoken rules in sports

Evelie St-Louis, Staff Writer

Every sport has a set of rules that most of us are familiar with. However, these unspoken rules are some we may be unfamiliar with. 


  • Tennis players are told not to start a match while another game is playing beside them, out of respect.
  • Aside from the first serve, players call out their own shots if they can clearly see that their ball is out. 


  • Players should roll the ball under the net instead of throwing it over when it’s the other team’s turn to serve or during warmup. It’s a more controlled way of getting the ball over. It’s also safer because the ball can hit someone if thrown.
  • Another unspoken rule in volleyball is players shouldn’t purposefully make bad calls to interfere with or disturb the other team’s communication while the ball is still in play.


  • In soccer, if there are no corner flags there’s no game. Corner flags are essential for soccer because both the referee and the players need a clear separation of the sideline from the goal line.
  • Another unspoken rule is if a goalie catches the ball and drops it they are not allowed to pick it up again. If they do pick it back up the referee allows the opposing team a free kick.


  • Although it’s a common occurrence to see a group of football players piling on top of a player, it’s frowned upon as it can cause serious injuries.
  • In professional football, it’s an unwritten rule to not talk about your contract or how much you make in order to not damage relationships with teammates or cause jealousy.


  • In baseball, looking at the opposing catcher’s signals to the pitcher or to a coach and then relaying the signals to their own team is a no-no for baseball players and is considered cheating.
  • Another unwritten baseball rule is players shouldn’t steal bases, which is when a base runner tries to advance the bases without a ball is in play.